Friday, May 23, 2014

Pulling out my hair!

If you read yesterday's rather long blog about the puppy, you saw my hair pulled up in my summer knot. I know it doesn't look flattering; you surely also read where I said that I don't really care what anyone thinks about it. Frankly, I have been doing good just to keep it clean lately.

Today, I got up feeling awful, but voice in my head (Well, one of the voices, LOLOL!) kept telling me that I needed to get to the nursing home to spend time with my mother, bring her snacks and makeup I got with the gift cards my son gave her, and curl and style her hair. Oh, how I had to push to get there.  I had to get a shower, but I just twisted up my damp hair and went on to get there to eat lunch with her.

I had to run in CVS because she said she was out of lipstick. I promised I would run through a drive-through and get her a strawberry milkshake. I got there and ran in to eat with her. She wasn't too happy today, it seemed. I tried to make conversation, and I asked about my brother who had been by to visit earlier. She said that he "looked real nice."  I thought that was kind of an odd way to answer, but I soon figured out where she was coming from.  

While I was trying to cojole her to eat, (She weighs only 106 lbs now.) she was looking at me in an unpleasant way. Finally, she asked me, "When are you going to color your hair?"  I just ignored her. After all, she is old and may not live long.  (Especially, if she says that again!)

Well, of course, she did!  And, she was much more persistent and pushy about it.  She informed me that it was black, white, and yellow! She had the most urgent tone of voice as she implored
WHEN I was going to color it.  I informed her I didn't know, if ever.  She looked like I had announced I was going to leave my husband, join the circus and marry the lion tamer.

My mother has always hated my hair when I put it up, but today, the severity of the hairstyle disclosed that I had not had time to color my hair in ages. I have only had a mother dying, a dear family friend dying, moved, etc...And, to top it off, I have been trying to keep her hair colored and styled.  (And, nobody ever seems to remember that I am supposed to be working a job, too, and I don't get paid if I don't write.)

Oh, and if you didn't get her innuendo, for which she is famous, my brother looked good, but I looked awful. 

At this point 

I decided to go to Kroger and pick her up some cheeze puffs, which she said tasted so good to her. I walked and walked and walked around Kroger trying to let off steam. No matter how I looked at it, it made me mad that she said that after all that I have done running to Bristol for her. I feel so guilty when I don't get her hair curled. OH, me...

I took the puffs by there and then left, quite determined not to feel quite so guilty in the future! On the way home, my cousin (her dad is my mom's OLDER brother) and I were discussing our picnic plans for the next week or so. We are bringing her dad to the nursing home and planning a picnic on the patio. I told her about it, and she assured me that mom would love her hair!  LOL.  I told her she better not schedule a hair appointment before we picnic.

After a while, I got a text from her that her husband wanted to tell me that I should dye my hair pink and blue.  She thought he meant the old lady colors...the rinses they put on their grey hair.  No, he thought that fluorescent pink, blue, yellow, green, etc...would fit my personality.  (He actually said my many personalities...)  

He was sure that my mother would then be quite happy with my "colored" hair.   LOLOL...

You know, he might be right!


LaDonna said...

You're so funny. And blessings on you as you serve your mom and learn to laugh! Love the hair, btw!

Nancy Carol said...

You are one of the best humor writers I know! Love you Barb!